Submission Instructions

IDMC-11 Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstract Topics

Please make sure you appropriately categorize your abstract submission into one of the topics below. If consistent with the IDMC-11 program, your submission will be selected by the Scientific Committee for either an oral presentation in a plenary session, or a poster presentation. In both cases, the exclusive language to present contributions is English.

Session 1: Microsatellite Instability and Epigenetics

This session covers all aspects of the mutations associated with DM, including population genetics, particularities of the mutations, epigenetic modifications and repeat instability mechanisms.

Session 2: Disease Mechanisms: DM1, DM2 and CDM

This session covers the research devoted to understanding DM disease mechanisms in various model systems, with exception of repeat instability mechanisms covered in Session 1.

Session 3: Cancer and Aging in DM

This session covers preclinical and clinical studies of the underlying mechanisms and progression of cancer and premature aging in DM.

Session 4: Clinical, Ethical and Social Issues and Disease Burden

This session covers all clinical aspects of DM and its burden on patients and caregivers, as well as ethical and social issues in DM patients and families.

Session 5: Specific Disease Features—CNS, Cardiac, GI

This session covers organ-specific phenotypes of DM and practices for their management and treatment.

Session 6: Cell Models for DM

This session covers in vitro model systems, their development and use in mechanistic studies or therapy development.

Session 7: Animal Models and Tissue-specific Mechanisms

This session covers in vivo model systems, their development and use in mechanistic studies or therapy development.

Session 8: RNA Clinical Research Methods—Biomarkers, Outcome Measures, Registries, Trial Design and Therapeutics

This session covers clinical trial readiness resources and tools used in the clinical development of new therapeutic strategies.

Instructions and Guidelines for the Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for oral and poster communications is exclusively handled using the online abstract submission form. Please fill in all the fields included in the online form, including the selection of the topic (see the above list) for your submission. 

Note that:

  • To avoid any confusion between the LAST and First author names, please enter all of them using the [LAST NAME First Name] order and case format.
  • A maximum of three affiliations per author is allowed. In case of multiple affiliations, use a slash (/) to separate them in the “Affiliation” field.
  • The lead presenter for each abstract must be registered for the conference in order for their abstract to be considered.
  • All abstracts selected for oral presentation will be provided poster space.

Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt sent via email to the author. 

Abstract Size and Format Instruction

  • The title must not exceed 150 characters (spaces included).
  • The text (body) of the abstract must not exceed 2000 characters (spaces included).
  • Abstracts must include the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, and Grant Support.
  • Tables and graphics are not allowed/supported.
  • The abstract must be submitted in English.


Submitting authors will be required to share the rights attached to their contribution with the IDMC-11 conference organizers in order to have it included in the book of abstracts accessible to all conference registrants. In addition, at least one author of each contribution must attend the meeting and will be asked to be present at the time of presentation either oral or poster.


The deadline to submit an abstract for IDMC-11 was Sunday, June 18, 2017, at 23:59.